Rossella Pezzino de Geronimo

by Basili

Artist Rossella Pezzino De Geronimo presents us with this giclée print of absolute beauty and intensity. Her artistic composition is so accurate we have trouble distinguishing whether it is a photograph or a finely wrought hyper-realist painting. We note a search for informal figures in a space that seems to be a lake, or, more precisely, something like a peat bog. Her skilful use of colour and transparency creates highly allusive real dimensional and mental spaces, leaving it up to the viewer to determine what sort of nostalgia this panorama elicits for Rossella Pezzino de Geronimo. Are those curves in the sand folds in memory? We may glimpse a footprint on the right, revelation and recognition of the passage of someone or something that has passed through, but is no longer here. In the crystalline colours artist Rossella Pezzino De Geronimo chooses to use in her work, we glimpse shadows suggesting the legs of two human beings on the other side of the spring. A duality alluding to an affectionate, shared memory, evanescent but still there, as testified by the water, stagnant and unmoving.