Futuro is the name of this hologram: my personal symbolic story of love, and a perfect world.

The planet Earth is represented in the form of an egg, ancestral symbol of life, fertility and rebirth: an essential element in very complex myths.
A world that I see in my imagination as limpid, transparent, without evil, ecologically sustainable; soft, welcoming, velvety, ingenuous as a newly hatched chick, lovingly embraced by a network of water: primordial source of life, purity and cohesion.

The future, our earth, in its positive metamorphosis, sees the birth of a unique new imaginary inhabitant of great symbolic significance: a butterfly of water that moves lightly and transparently though the air, a marvellous symbol of perfection and rebirth which learns to fly as it is transformed, carrying on its wings the most symbolic colour in the rainbow: sky blue, a symbol of communication through creativity, an emblem of loyalty and idealism.
People who love the colour sky blue tend to behave in a way that is harmonious with the environment and to be tolerant of the people around them.
This sums up my vision of a better world.