I decided to use a television camera in addition to a computer to create my new holograms.

This year’s Wondertime theme is Eros. Inspired by the courting rituals of Japanese cranes, I created a new hologram called “love dance”. As interpreters and stars of this concept I chose Marco and Elisa, an amazing and creative pair of Italian dancers with an impressive curriculum and that are known worldwide for their unusual performances.

The hologram tells the story of two young strangers meeting and courting and of their love blossoming.

In this emotional video, a romantic work, viewers feel they are part of the story and are eventually embraced by my latest photography works that clothe, envelop and unite the two lovers, wrapping around them an extraordinary net of love.

I therefore see Eros as contact with others, as a magical chain that generates positive vibes and emotions – desire, embrace, life, feelings of love, mad energy. Eros can be what we want, but we must never stop looking at each other in the eye and kissing tenderly