My latest hologram, named the auric egg, is a tribute to my city, Catania – one of the few places to encompass all four elements. The man-sized holographic display will be placed at the centre of a crypt. I have chosen to represent the four elements with an egg, a symbol of both life and holiness. The outer surface of the egg (the shell) represents the earth; the membrane, air; the white, water; and the yolk, fire.

Close to the fire, the holographic display features a salamander: a powerful animal, loaded with symbolic meaning given the ancient belief that it can walk through fire unscathed. For me, the salamander  represents the city’s spirit of adaptation and its continued rebirth over the centuries.

A symbolic spinning top then evokes the transitional and fundamental passage from the fusion of mother and child to the latter’s progressive emancipation. The entire cultural life of man originates from the potential space that once linked mother and child, in direct continuity with creative play. The hologram then reveals a spiral, intended as the development, creative rotation and cyclic continuity of a city that has been destroyed and rebuilt as many as 7 times. The spiral is without end, symbolising the city’s continuous evolution, in the long and laborious process of individuation through which it can learns to rotate around itself.

The hologram concludes with a soothing image of the sky and sea, united by the horizon – a poetic license to represent my personal view of the Yin and the Yang as indispensable elements of every man’s life; that is, two different coloured halves that would seem to represent two opposites, but that are in fact entirely complementary, and are embedded in our every physical and spiritual aspect