The title of this hologram of mine is MOVEMENT HEAT COLOR.
I have chosen to represent this work of mine as always symbolic but in a different way than in the past.
In fact, the hologram no longer hovers inside an empty case but in this case it is inhabited inside by an evocative sculpture of the title made of iron and corten steel visible to us even when the case is off.

For me, color is a metaphor for life because like the seasons of the year, life too has its seasons.
The period of the pandemic was, for example, characterized by a widespread shortage of light and energy which affected the fields of knowledge, culture, social, political and religious life.
This work of mine is a hymn, a tribute to life, to hope, to movement.

I represented the colors and the symbology that distinguishes them individually by drawing on my abstract photographic works taken from reality, from an uncontaminated nature and my favorite source of inspiration.
Yellow is the color of the sun and therefore of the day that begins. Releases VITALITY; it’s a color in movement that makes us live projected towards the future.

This is the time to pursue new hopes, new experiments and changes.

Orange is the color of socialization and affirmation. Let’s join hands, embrace each other and go back to meeting centres, lounges and all those places where we can communicate with each other, let’s start again!

Green is the color of the countryside and meadows and therefore has a positive effect that transmits the serenity that we all need today to go further.

Red conveys strength and a dash of audacity to indolent, slow people with little initiative. Long live the movement and planning.

White is a fresh and bright color that brings energy and vigor. Long live the regeneration. We need to get out of our inner closures.
I represented warmth as a symbol of love and emotion.
I like to associate warmth with happiness, Love and emotions generate an increase in heart rate and blood flow, thus giving redness and warmth. The heat symbolizes everything that makes you feel alive… the heat evokes light, the cold dark.
God is fire, love and warmth. Satan is sidereal frost, hatred, cold of the soul.

The polyhedron evokes man’s search for perspective, light, perfection, harmony.
Triskell symbolizes the movement of life and the cyclical nature of things and events.