Future is the title of this hologram of mine: a personal symbolic story of love and a perfect world.

The planet earth is represented here in the shape of an egg, an ancestral symbol of life, fertility and rebirth: a fundamental element of very complex myths.

A world that in my imagination I see clear, transparent, devoid of evil and eco-sustainable; soft, welcoming, velvety and naive like a newborn chick then held in a loving embrace by a network of water: primordial source of life, purity, cohesion.
The future, our land, in its positive metamorphosis, sees the birth of a new and unique imaginary inhabitant but with a high symbolic content: a water butterfly that moves gracefully and transparently in the air, a wonderful symbol of perfection and rebirth who in his transformation process learns to fly carrying the most symbolic color of the rainbow on his wings: blue as a symbol of communication through creativity, an emblem of loyalty and idealism.
Those who love blue tend to have a harmonious behavior towards the environment and tolerant towards the people around them.
This in summary is my project for a better world.