I decided to use the camera in addition to the computer to make this hologram. I created this hologram entitled “The Dance of Love”, inspired by the suggestive courtship dances of Japanese cranes.

I chose as interpreters and protagonists Marco and Elisa, an amazing and creative couple of Italian dancers who boast a very important curriculum and are known all over the world for their unusual performances. The hologram tells the story of the encounter, courtship, love and nascent eros between two young strangers.

An emotional video, a romantic work in which the viewer feels involved and finally embraced by my latest photographic works that dress, envelop, unite and envelop the two lovers in an extraordinary web of love.

Eros is therefore seen by me as contact with the other or as a magical chain that generates positive emotions and vibrations, desire, embrace, life, loving feeling, crazy energy.

Eros can be whatever we want, but without ever ceasing to look into each other’s eyes and kiss each other tenderly.