I chose an egg to represent the four elements because it contains the symbol of life but also of sacredness. The external surface of the egg represents the earth (shell), the membrane the air, the albumen the water, finally the yolk represents the fire.

The holographic work next to the fire contains the salamander: an animal of power, full of symbolic meanings linked to the ancient belief that it managed to cross the fire while remaining unharmed but, for me, it wants to highlight the adaptability of the city and its continual rebirth over the centuries.

The spinning top then as a symbolic object rises here, in an evocative way, to a transitional one in the main passage from the fusion of the child with the mother to a progressive relationship of emancipation. Man’s entire cultural life originates in the potential space that originally connected mother and child and is placed in a position of direct continuity with creative play.

Finally, the hologram reveals the spiral understood as development, creative rotation, cyclical continuity of life.

The hologram concludes with a soothing image of sky and sea joined by the horizon.

My poetic license to represent in a personal way Yin and Yang as essential parts of the life of each of us or the two halves of different colors that seem opposite but which are instead complementary and of which all our physical and spiritual characteristics are formed.