My work is the result of a long creative process that stems from the need to overcome pain and suffering by exalting them.

Over the years, my eyes have rested on the most remote corners of the earth, on the people furthest from us, sometimes escorted by armed guards.

My travel photos, which never fail to evoke memories of incredible emotions and thoughts, gave me the idea for my latest photographic project, which I have entitled “Linear Alchemies”. The project focuses on nature, and on the desire to find and share a pristine world, one that all too often escapes our eyes and our knowledge.

I wanted to show nature in all its splendour, as it appears in immense open spaces featured by exceptional biodiversity.
Vast, virtually unspoilt deserts, frozen lands and mountain ranges, that inspire fear due to their magnificence.

I like to grasp what lies at the heart of things, and to transform nature by infusing it with my own spirit, my personal philosophy.
My lens focuses on matter, decontextualising landscapes, isolating details, shattering images, in search of beauty, simplicity, purity; the true essence of things.

To me, lines, diagonals, curves are invisible traces of the remote and inaccessible worlds that I have discovered and photographed.


Unique work.

Giclée print on baryta paper under Plexiglas.