This exhibition summarises and concludes a photographic project, developed between 2015 and 2018, on the theme of the four elements: water, earth, fire and air.

This research project took me on a truly fascinating journey, inspiring me to experience the 4 continents in extreme conditions, in search of the sources of life.

Purifying and vitalising, the element of fire embodies the essence of life itself, which flows from its radiating energy. Ethereal and intangible, air is the vital energy we breathe, without which we could not live; it is the great cosmic breath. Water, the giver of life, springs from sources and flows into torrents and rivers, and as far as the sea, overcoming obstacles and delving into the depths of the earth. Solid and luxuriant, the earth symbolises the primordial; it welcomes and nourishes life.

Our very existence – our birth, growth and death – depends and derives from the interaction of these elements, made up of particles mixed in varying and sometimes disharmonious proportions. Two forces allow the elements to interact: love, the force of attraction, and discord, the force of repulsion.

In my work, the four elements are the bricks of life.


Unique work.

Giclée print on baryta paper under Plexiglas.