My new photography research stems from a great love for nature and for abstract photography.

My camera lens zoned in to nature in the quest for harmony. A photograph turns every glimpse into a vision and, vice versa, every vision becomes a glimpse.

Essentially life transforms into dream and dream transforms into life, as occurs for memory. Reality is so elusive and ephemeral… An instant in itself does not exist, an instant exists only the moment it is passed.
I gave this title to my exhibition because our life is shaped by two contrasting cosmic forces, Friendship or Eros – hate or dissension, in an eternal cyclic process.

In this phase of my life I am more attracted to Sfero, i.e. to the reign of Eros, when the two cosmic forces are united in a homogeneous One and harmony prevails. There is no Dissension in my works because it is contrasted by the force of Eros, of beauty and of kindness.


Unique work.

Giclée print on baryta paper under Plexiglas.